BPA Free Toys

BPA Free Toys


The top 2010 Christmas toys are safe, organic, lead-free and BPA free. Parents are starting to Google Christmas 2010 toys in search of a safe, fun toy for their child. Toys for Christmas 2010 will have a wide range of earth friendly, toxic free choices.

Young children are notorious for putting things in their mouths – especially toys. Because of this, it is important to buy BPA free toys for your child. Raising toxic free children is extremely important. Young children are still developing their organ systems and are especially sensitive to the effects of BPA Plastic.

The best way to avoid BPA in toys is to avoid purchasing plastic toys. Instead, buy toys that are made of wood or organic cotton. Eco-friendly toys are made from organic cotton, which use all-natural fillers and vegetable-based dyes. These toys are also referred to as “green toys” and “organic toys”.

If you choose to buy plastic toys, read the labels and ask the store owner or manufacturer about the availability of BPA-free plastics. Choose BPA free bath toys, BPA free baby toys, teethers and soothers.

How to Buy BPA Free Toys

Look at the recycling codes on the bottom of the toys or on the package description. The recycling triangles that have the number 1, 2 or 4 in them are BPA-free. Avoid plastic toys with the number 7 in the recycling triangle. These plastics contain higher levels of BPA and may be toxic for your child.

Search for reputable toy companies that advertise BPA-free on the front of the package. Many companies are phasing out bad plastics and going with BPA-free plastics and other safe materials.

5 Tips on Buying BPA Free Toys for Christmas

  1. Start Early Many parents will be shopping for safe BPA free holiday toys made in the USA. Start shopping now to avoid shortages.
  2. Shop Local Avoid the big box stores and find quality toys which are made in your local area.
  3. You Get What You Pay For Be prepared to pay more for a quality American made toy. Toys made in China are inexpensive because the materials are cheap.
  4. Get a Lead Testing Kit and a BPA Test Kit Use a lead tester and BPA test kit to check the safety of all your children’s toys.
  5. Research There are plenty of online resources for finding lead free and BPA free toys that are not made in China

BPA children and development is a very important issue. Research the products that you give your child.

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